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Saturday, March 15, 2014

3d Modelling. First ship. Part I

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Hi everyone!!!!!

Here we are again and I'm going to introduce to all of you our first 3D model. The one representign the first concept art of a previous post.

Javi is our 3D artist and I'm so happy about he being in the project. His work is awesome and he can even develop a little bit in unity, so if I need help he's the perfect one XD.

Ok, so he got the concepts and my instructions and this was the first quick, low poly model. It's cool, but it will get way cooler.

Let's see...the ship rocks, but everything can rock even harder \m/. So after a few "hundreds" of mails and chats and hours thinking we found ourselves in the same page. After adding some sweet sweet polygons, two or three details and a nice light blue color Javi come up with this.

All right!!!!! This is getting much much better, but...there is something wrong...hum...the wings...are too rounded for me (and I'm the game director hahaha) and if we remember the concepts the wings are not rounded. Let's iterate once again and.............Voilá!!!

Please Javi!!! A side view. The game is lateral scroll remember? :-)

Nice!!!! very nice. I was thinking...and thinking and thinking "I like it, but there's something wrong...I don't know what...but there is something that does not feet...". What do you think people? What would you change in this ship? The answer in the next part of the dev blog.

See you around!!!


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