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Monday, March 3, 2014

First Steps

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Hello to everyone!!

In this post I'll explain the first few steps and the core characteristics of our project. For example the technology, members of the team etc.

The technology:

Well, the world is moving fast, so are the gaming technologies. The best AAA games are developed with Unreal Engine or directly in C++ with their own graphic engines. C++ is the most powerful language for making games. But, there is always a but, it's really hard to develop a game in C++. At least an indie game as we want to do. So there where some other options: Unity3D, Godot Engine, Cocos2D-x, Corona 2.0 and many more.

After a little analysis we chose Unity3D, as many other indie studios. Why? Because it's so easy to make multiplatform, and the internet community is huge. Alse there is the asset store: If you need an A* pathfinding and there is no time...just pay 50$ and you got one!!! GREAT!!!

After this we had to decide: 2D or 3D? Well, none of them. We are making a 2.5D game. This kind of games uses the 3D part of the engine to render the objects in the scene, but you only move in 2D, like the old arcades. That's 2.5D :-)

The team:

I would love to make a game by my self, but I can't draw or model anything further than a sphere with 2 holes on it. Also I can't play music, no really, I tried, 2 years with the guitar...impossible...I just can't... At this point and after crying for hours with chocolate Ice cream  all over my face I decided to look for help. After some weeks I found the perfect people.

Concept artist/2D Illustrator: Juan Miguel

3D Artist: Javi

Music/Sound FX: Mikel

Game Director/Developper: Ibai

Here we are!!! and we are here to rock you all!!!!!


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