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Saturday, March 22, 2014

3d Modelling. First ship. Part III

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Hi everyone!!!!!

This is the third part of our first ship 3D modelling posts. 

Here we end the modelling and start with the texturing :-)In the previous post we saw the ship almost finished. We know the ship is not a 4 million polygon ultra-detailed ship. Well, we could do that, but it would be "useless", cause this is an enemy ship in a shoot'em up game, its size will be like very little on the screen and there are going to be a lot of this ships at some points of the game so we decided to do it "medium-poly". 

The last change to the model, as we were talking about in the last post, is the "laser" cannons. They look pretty simple and flat. So Javi fixed it and this is the result.

Finally!! the ship modelling is finished!! Let's get it into our game...oh wait...what do you say Javi? Texturing, unwrapping, U/Vs? What the fuck is that? I thought we just finished!! No!! you SOB!! We have to do more work? And do you say unwrapping is long, tedious and not easy? MmmmmmmOk :-(

After this little stupid joke we started texturing the ship. This is the first and basic combat ship of the evil empire we will fight against in the game. So I wanted to make the look and feel of the ship texturing very specific so the rest of the empires ships look like kind of the same. You know what I mean? Like in the Star Wars Trilogy(YES!!It's a trilogy, they never did episodes I,II and III NEVER!!!) where all the tie fighters and bombers, destroyers and AT&Ts had so many things in common that when you saw some new vehicle on the screen you could think "oh!! It's from the empire, I can tell that!".

While my mental process was in rampage mode, Javi made some tests. Let's take a look at them:

Whooooouuuhhhhh It's like future transvesti-Spiderman's ship XD
Ok, now we have something
Full color!!! Cool!!!

At this point Javi showed me an experiment he did that was very special. He played with some of the Unity3d materials and shaders, combining them and with a lot of talent he come up with this.

What the heck!!!! It's a fake glow effect on the canons and the "little thingys" next to the cabin. And even the wing has some glow on the empires "logotype". I LOVE IT!!! We have to squeeze this thing until we get something really cool.

After this experiment I thought  "and if the evil empires signature is the glow all over their ships?". Something like Tron Movie. FUCK YES!!! This has to work!!

But you know in every creative process there are mistakes made...ejem...lets take a look at all of them.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHRGHHH!!!! My poor corneas!!!!! They hurt!!!

This one looks like a 3 year kid painting with crayons. Like Painting a red dog or something like that
Ok, that's better...but, that brown looks like "Look John, someone peed on my fucking ship!!!. Fuck you Anakin!!!"

Aaaaaaaaand more pee. But this looks great for an arctic level, doesn't it? :-) 

 FUCK!!! This looks great. This is the chosen one!!!!! Great colors, nice glow, not peed. It's perfect!!

So with this image the series of posts about the first 3D modelling gets to the end.

In the next one "how to program a laser in Unity3D"...if I can manage to record my fucking screen and mic it'll be a videotutorial

Thank you and don't forget to comment and share please!!

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