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Sunday, March 9, 2014

The first concept art

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Hello to everyone!!

As may people know one of the most important things of a game is the concept art. The artists take all the chaos that is inside the mind of the designer and I don't know how, but they turn this madness into drawings, landscapes,  portraits, and half finished characters. This little pieces of art usually are not what we see on the final game, but they are the start of it. The first Kratos concept or the first "picture" of Rapture will never be in a game, but they are the essence of it. All the designer's thoughts can be put together in one drawing that when you see it you say "Holy f**k, that's what I was thinking it would look like".

As  game director and designer of "warp space" it's all in my head and when you I see all this things with my own's amazing how proud and happy I feel. That "little character" or NPC, prop, landscape has been on your imagination for weeks, may be months, and one day, finally it's on a paper or on your screen and it's one of the best things on the world, that feeling is the reason why I want to make video games.

We are going to show you in diferent posts all the art of the game and right now I'm giving to you this first and very special concept art. It's been done by JUAN MIGUEL GONZÁLVEZ CRAVIOTTO and you will see the evolution of the first concept to the final art that is then sent to the 3D modelling team and after some time is finally a game asset.

I hope you enjoy!!

This is the first concept of an enemy battle ship for the game. It's a very goo start, the artist took all the information and references and did a very very good job. But it's never perfect, it's never exactly as you thought. So we started to iterate and I explained to JM that the idea is to make the ships more  sharp, more angular, with a lot of edges and not so rounded. An so did the artist :-)

Yeah!!! That's much more like it was in my mind. Don't you think it's more badass like this? Finally some little details where done and the side view was added to the concept.

There you go!!!! It's ready to be turned into polygons.

Thank you very much and keep reading us!!!

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